That’s right! Earn hundreds of dollars without having to organize anyone or anything! All you have to do is call Enterprising Ideas at 1-800-841-2989 and tell us you would like to take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

Let me explain…

Enterprising Ideas has created a unique software package called WorkSheet Wizard™. This software creates and prints educational and entertaining worksheets. Until now, worksheets had to come from books or be created by hand (a time-consuming task, at the least). But all that has changed now. With WorkSheet Wizard you can create and print addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, word search, word scramble, and cryptography worksheets.

Yes, WorkSheet Wizard really is just that simple. You click the Create button to create a worksheet, and you click the Print button to print the worksheet. Within seconds of starting the program, we guarantee anyone will be able to create and print a worksheet. With just a little more time, they will be able to customize any of the worksheets to fit their exact needs. Whether someone needs a little extra practice with math or spelling, or they just want to have some fun, WorkSheet Wizard is the answer!

WorkSheet Wizard is an innovative program created to encourage learning through the use of worksheets. Read the enclosed flyer for some of the fun ways you can use WorkSheet Wizard. The following paragraphs detail the power you have with WorkSheet Wizard.

Math Worksheets: You select from addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division worksheets. Each worksheet can have from one to twenty problems. Addition worksheets can have up to five operands per problem. The numbers used in the problems are automatically generated from a range of numbers that you specify. You can specify a range from -32,000 to +32,000. Yes, negative numbers are fully supported!

You can tailor your math worksheets to include common numbers in each problem. For example, if you are working on 9's, you can specify that each problem contain a 9 (7+9, 12+9, 15+9). You can also create problems of doubles (7+7, 12+12, 15+15), doubles plus one (7+8, 12+13, 15+16), doubles minus one (7+6, 12+11, 15+14), or any other combination you would like. Answer keys to every math worksheet are only one click away. You also have the option of specifying which position in each problem needs to be solved for.

Word Search Worksheets: You enter up to forty words that are placed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally within a puzzle. WorkSheet Wizard can calculate the optimum size of each puzzle, or you can manually select the number of rows and columns (from two to forty). The word list is automatically stored in a word list file. You create new word list files as needed, and you can modify existing word list files.

Word Scramble Worksheets: You enter up to forty words per puzzle. With the click of a button, the word list is included on the worksheet. The word list is automatically stored in a word list file. You create new word list files as needed, and you can modify existing word list files.

Cryptography Worksheets: You enter a phrase and WorkSheet Wizard will encrypt it. You can supply hints about the encryption by enabling a key list on the worksheet. The key list maps encrypted letters to actual letters. You select which letters, if any, are to appear in the key list. You can also print the key list on a separate page and wait for the person to give up before you supply them with the key. With the click of a button, decoding lines can be drawn above the encrypted letters to aid in the deciphering of the phrase. The phrase is automatically stored in a phrase file. You create new phrase files as needed, and you can modify existing phrase files.

Additional Features: All worksheets created by WorkSheet Wizard are displayed on the screen for your review prior to printing. If you don't like the worksheet, simply click the Create button to make a new one. All of the worksheets can be created for any size paper and orientation supported by your printer. You also have complete control of the page margins, allowing you to create worksheets on any part of the page that you want. The worksheets can be created using any font, font size, style, effects, and color supported by your printer. All of these features are selected from within WorkSheet Wizard.


All right, now that you know some of the details about WorkSheet Wizard, let me explain how the fundraiser works. Your part is a simple two step process: 1) call us at 1-800-841-2989 and let us know you are interested in participating in this fundraiser, 2) send a copy of the enclosed green flyer home with each student. That’s it! There is nothing else for you to do!

How do you make money? Well, that’s simple too. Starting with the day you send the flyers home with the students, we will collect orders for WorkSheet Wizard for three weeks. During that time, we will ask every person placing an order if their order is affiliated with a particular fundraiser. For every order placed with us during that time that is affiliated with your fundraiser, we will put aside $10.00 in your name. All orders come with a thirty-day money back guarantee. So if we need to refund an order (doubtful!), we will then remove the $10.00 for that order. After the thirty days are up, we will then send you a check for the total amount remaining in your name. As a bonus, if we send you a check for at least $250.00, we will also send you a site license for WorkSheet Wizard, absolutely free!

Now, we want you to be completely at ease with this fundraising concept. If you would like us to send you a thirty-day trial version of WorkSheet Wizard, simply give us a call. If you would like us to print the flyers and send them to you (minimal charge), give us a call. If you would like to make any changes to the flyer, give us a call. If you have any questions or comments, give us a call at 1-800-841-2989. We hope to hear from you soon regarding this incredible fundraising offer.


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