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Electronic Finish Lines:

"The Judge" by New Directions

THE JUDGE is a compact, rugged, and affordable electronic finish line that takes the guesswork out of the popular Pinewood Derby races. It makes use of the very latest technology in electronics, and is exceptionally well designed and built. But most of all, it is accurate, fair and impartial.

"Fast Track" by Micro Wizard

FAST TRACK pinewood derby timers combine state of the art accuracy with a professional look that builds enthusiasm for the race. One of our family of timers will suit your needs and eliminate disputes even in the closest competition. Spectators see results instantly at the finish line.

"Turbo" and "DTx000" by NewBold Products

NewBold Products sells multiple timing systems which time from 1 to 8 lanes -- giving both times and the order of finish. Their products can easily be upgraded in the future and install easily on any track.

"SmartLine" by eTekGadget

SMARTLINE supports up to 8 lanes with instant race results resolved to .00005 seconds. The Timer displays the results as they occur on large bright red 2¼ inch displays attractively mounted above each lane. They are easily seen across a large room.

"The Champ" by BestTrack

THE CHAMP uses a dual display with elapsed time and placement shown on the front, and placement on the back. The timer displays the results on large 2¼ inch displays readable across a large room and works with all BestTrack® Pinewood Derby Tracks.

Track Manufacturers

Piantedosi Oars, Inc.


Boy Scouts of America
U.S. Scouting Service Project
AWANA Christian Ministry
Royal Rangers
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